Lucullus® - Comprehensive Software Solution for Bioprocess Digitalization

The biopharmaceutical industry is moving towards increased digitization and the interconnection of products, supply chains, and business models aiming to lower costs and expand access to lifesaving biotherapeutics. The digital transformation of the biopharmaceutical industry – referred to as “Bioprocessing 4.0” - is driven by cuttingedge technologies supporting the thorough revolution of bioprocessing workflows.

The Lucullus® software is the ultimate tool to facilitate and advance Bioprocessing 4.0. Through its vendor agnosticism, Lucullus® integrates and communicates to all players of a typical bioprocessing workflow ensuring utmost data integrity and workflow automation.

Control your lab. Control your process. Empower your data.

Product Overview

Lucullus®, as an intelligent software suite, combines Securecell's expert knowledge accumulated over the last 25 years in one single solution.

The Lucullus® core software covers general SCADA functionalities that have been extended with unique pre- and post-process functionality supporting operators across the entire bioprocessing workflow.

Depending on your needs, the SCADA core functionality can be modularly extended with process planning, sample management, and material management, as well as advanced software interfacing capabilities.

Securecell not only offers advanced technology but also expert consultation services tailored to drive automation and digitalization in the bioprocessing industry.



Key Features
  • Parallel process monitoring
    Comparison of real-time and historical data
  • Basic Process control
    Starting and stoping processes on selected bioreactors and dapt process setpoints and parameters during the process
  • Advanced Process control
    Automation and real-time calculation

  • Data evaluation
    3rd party analysis software integration (MATLAB, Python, DataHowLab, ...)
  • Process planning 
    Including equipment, procedures, parameters, sampling events and materials
  • Media and warehouse management
    Electronic recipes and guided media preparation
  • Multi-user access
    User, group, and role management
  • Meets regulatory compliance
    Regarding 21CRF Part 11
  • Oversee Data
    Supervising your processes with easy access to all relevant information on site and remote.


Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive solution
    A single bioprocess software for monitoring, controlling, and managing data, planning samples, and handling raw materials
  • Overarching integration 
    A wide range of control units, PAT sensors, analyzers and more are supported
  • Increased productivity
    Structured and automated workflows throughout the entire process chain, from planning to evaluation
  • Scalable architecture
    Customizable implementation from single facilities to the whole enterprise
  • Efficient collaboration
    data and information-transfer between laboratories, departments and sites
  • Data Integrity
    Secured, structured and traceable stored data from various sources
  • Unlimited access
    Exchange of harmonized data with the existing software landscape / 3rd party software, through OPC-UA and RESTAPI interfaces
“Lucullus® automates and digitalizes Amyris’ bioprocess environment with more than 100 integrated reactors from small to large scale. Lucullus® has truly transformed our operations and opened new possibilities.”
- Timothy Leaf

Scientist Fermentation Lab Operations at Amyris Inc

"Lucullus® helps us contextualize and automatically aggregate experimental on-, at- offline & meta-data into one database. It thus forms a core element of our digital workflow."
- Dr. Michael Thiele

Assoc Dir, Head of Bio MSAT-USP at Teva Biotech GmbH

"Lucullus allows us to compare the data of running processes with data from historic processes to evaluate process performance in real-time and to establish our complex fermentation processes during upscaling"
- Dr. Miriam Grosse

Head of Fermentation at Helmoltz Center for Infection Research

“We chose Lucullus® which flexibly integrates an unmatched 100 laboratory devices allowing the complete digitalization of our GMP manufacturing environment.”
- Navjyot Waghmare

Automation Expert at IDT Biologika

More than SCADA


Lucullus Software Licenses - Data Management and Automation


Basic License

Data Acquisition, Process Monitoring

In modern bioprocessing, collecting data from diverse sources is essential to gain a comprehensive understanding and valuable insights into the process. With Lucullus®, this is realized through seamless connectivity and vendors agnostic integration of various equipment.
The data is centrally stored in a structured and harmonized manner serving as a hub for consolidating the aggregated data. These foundations enable the subsequent application of process knowledge in advanced control strategies for automation.
  • Gain Overview
    Be on top of your running processes with centralized real-time monitoring.
  • Oversee Data
    Supervise your processes with easy access to all relevant information on site and remote.
  • Compare Processes
    Evaluate performance with comparison of running and historical processes of different scales.
  • Get Notified
    Receive SMS and / or e-mail notifications on alarms and process events.


Data Collection

The acquisition of information is at the core of Lucullus®. All relevant data is centralized and stored for subsequent use in process control and evaluation.

Monitoring and Visualization
Lucullus® provides a clear visualization of current and historical process data and all relevant information. Whether presented as a diagram, table, or P&ID, the adaptable interface ensures a comprehensive overview of your processes.

Lucullus bioprocess software provides all bioprocess data and bioprocess control in one place , easy to use Scada software for bioprocess


Lucullus Data Visualization for bioprocess, easy customizable graphs and monitoing process data


Lucullus SCADA software provides parallel process monitoring for 8 processes in one page


Design P&ID for controling your bioprocess in Lucullus software



Information Management

In biomanufacturing, multiple stakeholders play critical roles, including lab technicians, engineers, data scientists, and managers. Each user has distinct responsibilities and requires access to specifi c tools and information.
Lucullus® was purposefully developed to support to the unique needs of each user, offering manageable access and a harmonized interface. It ensures that all users have the necessary tools and information at their disposal, facilitating seamless collaboration and optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • User Management
    Define users, groups and permissions via Lucullus® or existing LDAP

  • Remote Access
    Secure data access from everywhere in the network

  • Audit Trail
    Recording of all the user interactions during the process and projects

  • Information Transfer
    Seamless and harmonized data exchange between laboratories, departments and sites


Rest API / Web interface for bioprocess data with Lucullus Software v.3.11

Web Interface, Available in Lucullus Version 3.11

Evaluation & Reporting

Lucullus® collects data from various sources across the entire bioprocess environment, storing them securely in one central location.
All process information is accessible for automated visualization, evaluation and batch reporting. Lucullus® provides efficient database search options, analysis tools, data export features, and automated paperless documentation to support your needs.
  • Efficient filtering options to easy access all the historical process data

  • Customized visualization of data in graphs or tables

  • Advanced realtime processes evaluation with integrated tools (e.g., smoothing, regression, integration)

  • Programmable sequential evaluation for standardized process analysis and reporting
  • Data export options for selected data sets and graphs in various formats
  • Automatically generated reports with customized templates
  • Data integration with 3rd parts software such as databases and mathematical, statistical, and machine-learning tools

Advanced bioprocess data evaluation and reporting with Lucullus Software


Control License

Process Control & Automation

Process control plays a pivotal role in bioprocess development and production. With Lucullus®, you can implement both basic and advanced control mechanisms to ensure the precise execution of process commands across all connected reactor systems. Lucullus® seamlessly collects data from standalone devices by leveraging its powerful data integration capabilities, providing comprehensive real-time information for control purposes.
The process step-chains dictate the timely sequence of events, whether control actions are automated or manually executed by operators. With incorporated control sequences and event-based decisions, Lucullus® enables implementation and execution of process designs without any limitations.

  • Facilitate the simultaneous launch of several experiments with variable recipes
  • Increase efficiency and robustness through pre-designed process strategies and supervision
  • Ensure product quality by controlling critical process parameters and critical quality attributes
  • Improve batch-to-batch consistency decrease risk of human errors and failing processes
  • Save operator time by unattended process execution and full automation
  • Easy tech transfer from R&D to production

Basic Control

The basic process control functionalities of Lucullus® include effortless process loading, initiation, and termination, alongside the ability to modify setpoints and parameters. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive visualization of process states, alarms, and events, offering a holistic overview.

Centralized, uniform interface for overarching process control:

  • Start and stop processes on selected bioreactors
  • Adapt process setpoints and parameters during the process
  • Apply predefi ned control strategies to single processes or process groups
  • Confi gure customized notifi cations for alarms, process conditions, or events
Bioprocess control software and process automation with Lucullus software , SCADA solution for Bioprocess , Bioprocess digitalization


Bioprocess control software and process automation with online data measurement with Lucullus software



Advanced Control

Advanced process control enables the development of automated process control strategies. This encompasses a wide array of actions based on events and timing, such as initiating feeds, parameter shifts, phase changes, and a variety of other possibilities. The system offers prepared modules designed for calculations, user interactions, feed profiles, and other functions, simplifying the programming of processes with an intuitive approach.

Process control strategies for supervisory control and process automation:

  • Step-chain programming with alternative branching and parallel steps
  • Defined event and time-based user interactions
  • Integrated alarms and operator notifications (e.g., e-mail and SMS alarms)
  • Ready-to-use software programming modules (e.g., calculator, interactive user console, profiler, exponential and linear ramp function, PID controller, etc.)
  • Advanced script-based process programming
  • Built-in utilities / tools to go beyond predefined modules and code advanced calculations for process control

Lucullus software , Advanced Control recipe, process strategy, and automation


Extension Licenses

Process Planning

The Lucullus® Planning tool empowers users to design future bioprocesses using a guided workflow. Operators can pre-define and schedule reactors and associated equipment, specify attributes, and select control stepchains and alarms. This structured planning approach for future processes or process groups ensures smooth process starts and seamless knowledge transfer, facilitating efficient operations and effective process implementation.

Lucullus software provides bioreactor scheduling in your lab
1. Define process groups
  • Create single processes and process groups
  • Assign unique process names
  • Import DoE data (if desired)
Lucullus software provides parallel process planning and scheduling
2. Select devices and define attributes
  •  Select the bioreactors and assign the processes
  • Define process attributes and set-points
Lucullus software provides bioprocess planning and scheduling
3. Assign operations and media
  • Assign process control step-chains (operations)
  • Choose the medium
Lucullus software provides sampling management and process planning , schedule your sampling for your process in advanced
4 Schedule processes and sampling events
  • Define phases and durations
  • Schedule processes
  • Optional: add sampling plan

Sample Management

Lucullus® revolutionizes sample management and the associated data assignment to respective processes. While reactor sampling and sample processing are still performed manually, the samples are now stored in tubes labeled with barcodes. Lucullus® automatically creates unique barcodes for each sample, which are subsequently scanned at the off-line analyzer.
By generating a unique barcode ID, Lucullus® automatically imports the sample results upon completion of the analysis and assigns them to the corresponding process and process time, streamlining data integration and ensuring accurate tracking of sample information.
  • Manage samples efficiently by applying sampling strategies, defining methods and preparing tubes with barcode labels
  • Be reminded during process execution to take a sample at predefined sampling intervals
  • Record exact timing of sampling to align on-line and off-line data
  • Retrieve data automatically from at-line analyzers
  • Automate sampling and sample processing even further with the Numera® PAT system
  • Use sample data for advanced process control

Sample management workflow in Lucullus software -

Automated Sampling With Numera® System

The combination of the automated sampling system, Numera®, and the Process Information Management System, Lucullus®, enables the orchestration of the whole workflow covering sampling, measurement, process monitoring and control. Read more here

Material Management & Media preparation

Lucullus® offers digital assistance for media lot preparation and seamless integration of raw material information. Lucullus® facilitates a streamlined workflow from media planning to media optimization through guided media preparation using electronic protocols. Lucullus® also enables efficient warehousing and ensuring traceability of components throughout the process, enhancing overall efficiency and quality control.

  • Check and monitor the availability and the usage of compounds from storage
  • Reduce human errors for material handling due to guided workflows and barcode technology
  • Manage your media recipes in a structured library
  • Automatically record data in your media kitchen with integrated devices (e.g., pH meter, scales, etc.)
  • Link media lots and compounds to experiments
  • Use the information gained during experiments for media optimization, comparison, calculation and reporting
  • Identify and monitor critical material attributes
Lucullus Media management software



21 CFR Part 11 Compliancy

Lucullus® is designed to fulfill the requirements for electronic records and electronic signatures for GMP applications. It is compliant with the FDA 21CFR Part 11 guideline.

Access Security

The Access Security includes features such as the use of a unique combination of user ID and password, customizable password security settings, comprehensive logging of access security actions in an audit trail, and extensive user management capabilities for roles and groups.



Electronic Signature

Lucullus® enforces the authorization of defined interactions by a user with the appropriate authorization. Confirmation of changes is requested with pop-up windows. The following information is stored in the
audit trail: reason, timestamp, and printed username.



Audit Trail

Lucullus® provides a continuous audit trail that is protected against deactivation and tampering. It tracks the user interactions and all events during a process. A second audit trail on the database level logs all changes in system configuration.



Archiving and Retrieval

The Lucullus® interface is designed to prevent process deletion and raw data modification to ensure data integrity. A robust data integrity checking mechanism prevents the deletion of resources associated with active processes and serves as an additional layer of protection to ensure data consistency and reliability.


Supported Systems

As an industry leading vendor agnostic software platform, Lucullus® connects the largest number of integrated bioreactors, devices and sensors on the market.

Lucullus® acts like a central nervous system for your bioprocessing workflow. Controlling devices, labs and sites from anywhere in the world. 


From Data to Wisdom with Lucullus® and DataHow

The integration of Securecell's Lucullus® process information management system with DataHowLab, an advanced data analysis tool, will enable users to merge streamlined data collection and organization with sophisticated machine learning and modeling capabilities. This collaborative interaction between the two tools, leveraging the expertise of both companies, represents a significant stride towards achieving comprehensive digitization. It signifies a shift from mere monitoring and control to knowledge-driven digital solutions, aligning with the objective of Bioprocessing 4.0.

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