Seraccess® SENSE

Artificial Pancreas Device System (APDS)

In addition to Seraccess® ICU devices, Securecell is developing an APDS device that will provide the highest quality automated care to diabetics living with moderate to severe glycemic dysregulation unprecedented freedom to live in control.

Seraccess® SESNE - Coming Soon!

We are excited to share news of developments in our Artificial Pancreas Device System (APDS) offering. 

Check back soon.



Over 200,000 beds in intensive care units in the US and Europe alone translate to a yearly potential of at least 35 million treatment days generated by about 9 million patients. An ICU bed equipped with the Seraccess® AGM durable unit will host around 100 patients per year, who will consume 200 disposable units. Overall, the value of the durable market is estimated at 1.4 bn CHF and the disposable market at 2.7 bn CHF.

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