Our Team


Today, 60 of the world’s best and brightest form our team and join forces to create an irresistible drive for reimagining and redefining the status quo. We are innovators by nature and will not stop until our visions are deployed and delivered to those who need them most.

TeamExecutive managementBoard of Directors

Dr. Carlo Andretta

CEO / Chairman

Sandro Waldmeier


Dr. Beatrice Schär


Dr. Michele Bomio


René Mathys


GeorgWalter Steiger

Board Member

Zen-Jiang Wang

Board Member

Prof. Dr. med. Henryk Zulewski


Dr. med. Igor Schwegler


Barry Wilson


Dr. med. Frank Achermann


Lane Desborough


Victor Chaubert

Head Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Martin Decurtins

Head Corporate ICT and Strategic IT Development

Kay Eilers

Head Business Development

Christof Ender

Head IT Development

Damien Joss

Head Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Andreas Koch

Head Global Accounts EMEA / APAC

Markus Müller

Head Engineering

Andreas Riklin

Head Marketing Biotech

John Sullivan

Operations Director Securecell LLC

Diego Sebastian Aguado

Systems Engineer

Nelson Allende

IT & Cybersecurity Manager

Iulian Baragan

Production Engineer

Stephan Bielmann

Senior Software Engineer

Laura Bizzotto

Business Development APAC

Claudia Bortolussi

Scientific Associate

Dagmar Brunner

Scientific Associate

Pawel Brzozowski

Mechanical Engineer

Lukas Bütler

Application Specialist

Daniel Czifra

Global Field Engineer

Xavier Delfosse

Junior Scientific Associate

Dr. Gergely Dolgos

Systems Engineer

Guilherme Fideles

Senior Product Specialist Numera

Dr. Shibu Gupta

Scientific Associate

Boris Hamouda

Product Specialist Numera

Michel Heusser

Software Engineer C++

Simon Hilsenbeck

Software Engineer

Philippe Jost

Software Engineer

Lorena Jukic

Junior Scientific Associate

Michael Karli

Production Engineer

Ioannis Kasimatis

Computer System Validation Manager

Markus Keller

Sr. Application & Support Engineer

Steffen Keisler

Production Engineer

Dmytro Kulik

Software Engineer

Florian Küng

PLC Programmer & Automation Engineer

Saso Kveder

Application Specialist

Andrew Latady

Field Engineer

Klea Lenja

Junior Project Manager

Angelo Mandato

Warehouse Clerk

Dr. Esteban Marks

Systems Engineer

Yari Mattei

Java Software Engineer

Lars Müller

Mechanical Engineer

Bernhard Naegeli

Business Administration Manager

Karmela Popovic

Automation Engineer

Travis Purrington

VP Creative

Dr. Reto Rapold

CA / MA Manager

Sebastian von Rotz

Application Specialist

Dennis Thai

Field Engineer

Konstantinos Tzikas

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Loredana Varallo

Software Tester

Pascal Widmer

Software Engineer C++

Dr. Christopher Ziemba

Project Manager




We believe in unique individuals working as one team bringing together different skills, cultures, and ideas to make a difference in the Biotech and Medtech fields.


Our values