Written by: Mohi Ahmadinia

What is New!

Securecell AG has released a new version of Lucullus®. The latest update follows version 23.0.0 and is named version 24.1.0 based on the new version naming convention.

With version 24.1.0, many new features were implemented, and a long list of bugs was resolved. The most important changes are:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 093823

  • After a thorough assessment, we determined some functionalities are unused and in Lucullus® v24.1.0 were hidden. In case this affects your Lucullus® work, please contact Lucullus® support to re-activate the affected feature/s.

  • Support for OPC UA server interface instead of OPC DA for interaction with OPC clients to retrieve Lucullus® real-time process data.

  • Lucullus® REST API was improved with endpoints to retrieve Media Tool related data (Material detail, Osmometer values, Weights, and more).

  • Functions are visible in the Operation tool interface, making them easily selectable during recipe creation.

  • Asynchronous function execution in Step Chains is introduced, allowing the function to be executed in the background while a Master Operation is running (i.e. executing functions does not stop the main process workflow).

  • Default data logger operation is in place to allow immediate logging of process data after successful installation of Lucullus®.

  • Oracle database versions 11 SE2/EE and XE are not further supported (upgrade to version 18/21 XE or 19 SE2/EE recommended).

  • Windows 10 and 11 are supported (Windows 7 is no longer supported, for versions 3.9.0 onwards).

  • Oracle Linux OS versions 8.0 to 8.9 are supported.

If you are interested in more details about the improvements, download the full version of the release note in PDF format here,  or if you would like to apply for a live demo with our experts, please contact us today!




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