Written by: Andreas Riklin

UTF-8, Windows 11, Oracle Linux OS, and other updates

Support of non-Latin characters, new operating systems, and much more

Securecell AG has released a new version of Lucullus®. The latest update follows version 3.11.7 and is named version 23.0.0 -  introducing a new version name convention.

With version 23, many new features were implemented, and a long list of bugs was solved. A complete list is added below. The most important changes are:

  • Lucullus® now supports UTF-8 (UCS Transformation Format 8), the most common character encoding, and therefore supports now non-Latin characters (e.g., Cyrillic, Chinese, Thai).
  • For simplification of usage, training, and validation, commercially unused tools such as the Neuro-Tool and Online Tool were removed, the Data Tool was migrated to SysAdmin and Graphic Tool, and the SimFit Tool is now hidden in the Application Frame.
  • The latest Operating System version Windows 11 and Windows Server are now fully supported.
  • New Oracle Linux OS is supported as it replaces for discontinued CentOS.
  • According to customer needs and new industry standards, Lucullus® 23 supports Oracle 21c XE.
  • New hardware device drivers were implemented for Bioengineering RALF bioreactors and Knauer pumps.
  • We also announce that we have further expanded test automation and are now using Squish GUI test software and have integrated Jenkins, an open-source automation server to reliably and faster build, test, and deploy our software.


MicrosoftTeams-image (5)
Figure 1: Simplified Application Frame (welcome screen).

Software version history





New features




Application Frame, Deployment, SimFit Tool

Hide SimFit Tool but leave it in installation

Lucullus SimFit Tool reached its end of life for customers. Tool button on Application Frame is now hidden but still can be used

Application Frame, License Tools, Neuro Fuzzy Tool

Removement of Neuro Fuzzy Tool

Neuro Fuzzy Tool was removed since it has been decided, that Neuro Fuzzy Tool will not be provided any longer

Data Management Tool

Audit Trail shall contain information about deleted processes

Now all audit trail contains information about process deletion and not only Lucullus GMP

Data Management Tool

UTF-8 support in Data Management Tool

UTF-8 is now support in Data Management Tool

Data Management Tool, Database

Event log (Audit trail) of actions

All actions (inherit, delete, rename, import images) that influence process data integrity are now recorded in the affected process event log - audit trail.

Data Management Tool, Graphic Tool

Reload & refresh of resources after renameing

After the renaming of process, signal & pattern is done and confirmed by the user in the respective fields, the system is now forced to reload & refresh of renamed resources (process, signal & pattern) data

Database, Oracle Schema, REST API, Web-Application

User may upload an avatar image

User can now upload an avatar image. By default, user has no avatar

Deployment, Oracle Backup, Oracle Replication, Oracle Schema

Upgrade to Oracle 21c Express Edition

Oracle 21c Express Edition as embedded and standalone database is now implemented

Device Drivers

Implement a driver to communicate with Bioengineering bioreactors

A new device driver is developed that connects to Bioengineering reactors

Device Drivers

Knauer pump serial driver

Driver for the serial protocol of the Knauer pump is now available

Device Drivers

Improve Agilent ChemStation driver trace logging

Agilent ChemStation driver trace log was improved

Device Drivers, OPC Bridge, OPC Client

OPC UA support item with name CO₂ subscript

Lucullus OPC UA driver now support item with name subscript (e.g. CO₂)

Execution Monitor

UTF-8 support in Online Tool

UTF-8 is now support in Online Tool

Execution Monitor, General, Online Tool, OPC Bridge, OPC Client

Log bad quality read outs of OPC data or tell user

OPC tags with bad quality are now logged in log file


Make Lucullus suitable for installation and use under Oracle Linux 8

Lucullus is now able to be installed and operated under Oracle Linux 8

General, Java Library, License Tools, Web-Application

Implement new version scheme support

New versioning scheme structure is now supported (

Graphic Tool

UTF-8 support in Graphic Tool

UTF-8 is now support in Graphic Tool

LDAP, System Administration Tool, Web-Application

Support user names with umlaut in LDAP/AD

Users with umlaut are now supported in Lucullus LDAP/AD

Media Tool

Unique lot names

A system property to check for unique lot name was implemented

Media Tool

UTF-8 support in Media Tool

UTF-8 is now support in Media Tool

Media Tool

Migrate Stock - Manage structure types & Configure stock from old web to Media tool

Media Kitchen stock management from old web to Media tool migrated

Operation Tool

Alarm text entries cannot be removed

Once a text message has been defined for alarms in the Operation Tool, the text can only be edited, but not removed. There should be an option to remove alarm text messages.

Planning Tool

UTF-8 support in Planning Tool

UTF-8 is now support in Planning Tool


Read phase information out of real time back end

We now read phase information out of the real time back end would and not database server anymore


Read system information from real time back end

We now read system information out of the real time back end would and not database server anymore


Offline Imports Status in REST API

Offline Imports Status can now be used with REST API


Daemons Status in REST API

Daemon status can now be used with REST API


Include version, build and release date information in status REST answer

Version, build and release date information in status REST answer is now included


Support creation and append of signal of type string and choice

Now string signal creation or modification is supported at all


Add vector type support for attribute and signal end points in REST API

Vector type is now supported for REST API.

REST API, Web-Application

Process events information in tables on analytical dashboard

Process events information can now be used in tables on analytical dashboard

REST API, Web-Application

UTF-8 support in Web Application and REST API

UTF-8 is now support in Web Application and REST API

Sys Admin Tool

Print barcode labels handling from the System Administration Tool

Now the printer settings were transferred from the old web interface to print to the System Administration Tool

System Administration Tool

Give information about supported symbols / input

Supported symbols for port input are now shown

System Administration Tool

Migrate Manage label templates from old web to a SysAdmin tool

Label templates from old web to a SysAdmin tool is now migrated

System Administration Tool

Migrate Stock - Device from old web to SysAdmin tool

Media Kitchen device management from old web to Sys Admin Tool migrated

System Administration Tool

Migrate Sample Management - Reactor from old web to SysAdmin tool

Sample management from old web to Sys Admin Tool migrated

System Administration Tool

Rename vector port types

The names were renamed as follow:
* Vector (Integer) -> IntegerVector
* Vector (Float) -> FloatVector
* Vector (Double) -> DoubleVector

System Administration Tool, Utilities

Support utf-8 when exporting and importing Excel (OPC)

UTF-8 is now support when importing/exporting Excel


Provide way to set logging to debug during runtime

An admin user with correct permissions is now able to turn debug or trace logging on an off over UI


Add possibility to configure date and language

The User info section now shows avatar icon, name, role, logout button and preferences.


Implement alarm flyouts for desktop view

Alarm flyouts for desktop view


Show phase information in chart

The phase information is now shown in the chart on the detail page.

Web-Interface (Legacy)

Remove functionalities from old web

Functionalities from old web are removed

Windows Porting

Support non-Latin Windows installations

Lucullus now support Windows installations that are non-Latin






Application Frame

Tablespace usage computation incorrect

Tablespace usage computation now correct

Chromeleon Bridge, Device Drivers, Numera

Decimals cut off from measured analytical Chromeleon HPLC values when imported over staging area

Decimals no longer cut off from measured analytical Chromeleon HPLC values when imported over staging area

Device Drivers

dcudriver enters an endless loop

Dcudriver improvement happened to avoid entering a loop

Device Drivers, Documentation, Execution Monitor, LCalc

LCalc not taking first value of time series into computation and more gaps later

LCalc now takes first value of time series into computation

Execution Monitor

Sample number in day wrong in label print job data

Sample number in day now correct in label print job data

Execution Monitor, Graphic Tool, Online Tool, Reporting

Graphic Title and Subtitle are not saved with Format

Graphic Title and Subtitle are now saved with Format.

Execution Monitor, Graphic Tool, Reporting

Overlay graphic title contains single process information

The title is now an editable title that is saved with the format (e.g. Temp overlay). 

Graphic Tool

Apply Sample Plan in Graphic tool is not working

Apply Sample Plan in Graphic tool is now working again

Media Tool

Split lot Tasks is not covered in History

When the user is using the Split Lot feature, it is now tracked in the History of the Lot

Media Tool

Lot dosage computation check for remaining amount is wrong

Lot dosage check for remaining amount is now correct

Media Tool

Remark cannot be saved

By reopening the Supplier, the inserted Remark field can now be saved

Media Tool

Material values are not saved

Material values are now saved

Media Tool

Osmomat transmission failure

Osmomat driver improvement to have the correct values

Online Tool

Manual Steps ignore signing in Lucullus GMP

Using an Operation with several Manual Steps, the prompts for the manual Steps can no longer be closed by the user without having to provide a digital signature

OPC Client

opcuabase_driver enumeration data type

OpcUa variables of Enumeration type can now be written driver


No changes allowed over REST API in GMP mode

All functionality (except the list below) can now also be changed and it documents API documents that way.
- Create Process Group
- Add new Process to Process Group
- Update planned Process
- Confirm Alarm
- Whole /opal REST API to be put into read only mode


Signals end point set current value does not work

When using REST API to set the current value of a signal with /signals end point, the API returns a JSON saying that the new value is now what has been sent in the PUT request. In Execution Monitor, the value does now change.

REST API, Web-Application, Web-Interface (Legacy)

Web does not recover after lost database connection or network interruptions

The web services (old and new) will now recover once the database or network connection would be up and running again

System Administration Tool

Clone device allows duplicate name

Clone device does not allow duplicate name anymore

System Administration Tool

Inherit button does not show any message

The user can now be sure that the button has been pressed by receiving a confirmation message

System Administration Tool

The active field is not initialized when adding new analytical methods

Adding new analytical method used to set "Active" field checked and sometimes unchecked, this was now changed to always checked


Web Application - Technical message instead of user message

When the signal does not exist for a port the returned message on Web is now user friendly

Andreas Riklin