IntegraOne: End-To-End Solution For Bioprocess Development 

The IntegraOne modular bio-lab system is the next generation of laboratory productivity: The first and only fully automated solution for bioprocess development and small-scale production of therapeutic proteins, cells and vaccines. IntegraOne covers all relevant process steps, upstream to downstream, and provides all necessary analytical tools to quantify metabolites, their products, and record their key attributes with the utmost confidence.

Each system comes equipped with Lucullus® automated software and Numera® automated sampling. 

IntegraOne reinvents the cultivation, sampling, and harvesting of biomass by providing a vast culmination of new technologies that that power 4 to 16 bioreactors each and align in one symphonic process driven system that can operate 24/7 to perform the actions that typically require a team of experienced technicians. In an average 20 day run cycle an IntegraOne 8 30 system can save a minimum of 48,000 manual actions alone while providing thousands of high quality samples.

IntegraOne currently offers three systems for bioprocess development: 
The Integra ONE 8 30, 8 130, and 16 10


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IntegraOne Production

IntegraOne also offers a  seed train configuration, consistently transforming 50ml of inoculum to commercial cultivation. In fed-batch, a 10L IntegraOne bioreactor can support minimum yields of 30g purified protein per 2 week cycle. When this process is expanded and properly scaled, the production grows to 240 grams per system, every run. Such harvests are exceptionally suited for any instance where small-to-mid-scale production of proteins is needed, including toxicological tests and clinical trials…and due to the system’s modularity, it can be installed anywhere the need for decentralized production exists, including in or near hospitals where close proximity to patients is fundamental for cell and gene therapy.

  • integraone-production-short
    IntegraOne Production (short)

    With this short video you discover in a nutshell how IntegraOne is transforming small to midscale production in biopharma.

  • integraone-production-long
    IntegraOne Productions (long)

    With this wide-ranging video you discover how IntegraOne is transforming small to midscale production in biopharma.

  • integraone-development
    IntegraOne Development

    With this wide-ranging video you discover how IntegraOne is dramatically increasing productivity in bioprocess development.

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