Written by: Andreas Riklin

Since April 1, 2019, Securecell AG's headquarters are located in the industrial area "Luberzen" in Urdorf near Zurich. At that time, the move was made to the 1800 m2 area on the 1st floor with around 30 employees. Modern offices were equipped for around 50 employees, a research laboratory and a clean room for medical technology development, as well as a production facility for small devices with an associated warehouse and workshop.

Thanks to the company's steady growth, the need for space continued to increase within a very short time. In 2021, the opportunity arose to take over another floor in the same building. Securecell AG took this advantage and was thus able to move into an additional 2000 m2 of office and production space on the ground floor at the end of 2021. The previous tenant had equipped the rooms with modern office workplaces and meeting rooms, an ESD-protected workshop suitable for electronics and a large production, and a huge storage hall. In addition, the floor offers access to the loading ramp and a spacious kitchen with a comfortable garden seating area. Securecell was able to take over the premises, which were tailored perfectly to their needs, and use them immediately for their activities without much effort.




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