Written by: Kay Eilers

Securecell is happy to join forces with Roche CustomBiotech to address the need for fully integrated and automated setups for bioprocessing. The collaboration is focused on automated sampling & on-line analytics combined with centralized data management and process control “to close the loop” for bioprocesses.



Cedex is a trademark of Roche; “Cedex: For use in quality control / manufacturing process only.”

Roche’s Cedex instruments (Cedex HiRes Analyzer for cell counting and analysis, Cedex Bio HT Analyzer for high-throughput and comprehensive biochemical assay analytic) are state-of-the-art and standardly used at-line analyzers to monitor crucial variables of the bioprocesses around the world. The integration with Numera and Lucullus to fully automate the sampling procedures does not only allow on-line analytics 24/7 but also timely retrieval of results that can be directly applied in the process control recipes. This direct link between at-line reference methods and feedback control actions on the bioprocess opens doors for new advanced PAT applications.

Joint customers will benefit from a setup that is supported by both parties:

2018_07_02_Peter_Hloch_9570_18228f39af Peter Hloch (Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Director International Product Management)

“With this collaboration we aim at giving our customers a robust and fully automated experience around our Cedex Analyzers. Automation is key in the future of bioprocessing and joint efforts are needed to let components interact in the best possible way.”

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Kay Eilers