Written by: Andreas Riklin

On November 9, 2023, we gave the children an exciting insight into various professions at our company.

Several practical workshops gave the children an impression of our activities in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, and science.

First, the kids examined objects under a microscope and carried out an exciting chemistry experiment. They were then allowed to design a plate using CAD, which was later printed out on the 3D printer. Using construction plans, they built a remote-controlled car and had to assemble the electrical circuits. Finally, the children programmed software that made it possible to control the car with a cell phone.

We were very pleased with the great interest and enthusiastic participation of the young visitors.

Many thanks to our employees Jana Grossmann, Pawel Brzozowski, Iulian Baragan, and Stephan Bielmann, for their engaged contribution to the success of this exciting and educational day!

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1 Alginate beads were colored in a laboratory experiment
2 Various objects could be examined under the microscope.
3 A remote-controlled car was wired and assembled using a circuit diagram.
4 The object soon became recognizable, but the programming was still missing to be able to use it.
5 Line after line of code was created and tested immediately. 

Andreas Riklin