Seraccess® - Disruptive technology for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters


In its MedTech division, Securecell is developing Seraccess, an innovative technology for the fully automated, high-frequency automatic on-line collection, processing, and analysis of minute quantities of blood for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters.


Seraccess® innovation roadmap


The Seraccess® innovation roadmap leads from the fully automated, highly accurate and precise monitoring of critical blood parameters in the ICU setting via a wearable semi-miniaturized to a fully miniaturized artificial pancreas device for unprecedented glucose control.


Seraccess® Automated Glucose Monitoring (AGM) for Hospital Care

Seraccess® AGM - Automated and regular glucose measurement for the monitoring, detection, and treatment of dysglycemia


Seraccess® Artificial Pancreas Device System (APDS) ONE

Seraccess® ONE - Breakthrough wearable Artificial Pancreas Device System for patients suffering from severe glycemic dysregulation.


Seraccess® Artificial Pancreas Device System (APDS) NExtra

Seraccess® NEXTRA radically transforms diabetes treatment for patients suffering from moderate to severe glycemic dysregulation.


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Seraccess® is a mid-stage venture project of Securecell that offers investment opportunities to private and institutional investors.


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