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We develop innovative solutions in bioprocess technology for Biotech and BioPharma development digitalization and automation. Securecell is developing Seraccess, an innovative technology for the fully automated, high-frequency automatic on-line collection, processing, and analysis of minute quantities of blood for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters.


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Written by: Saso Kveder; Sebastian von Rotz; Kay Eilers; Pascal Vonlanthen; Hiroaki Yamanaka; Seong-Yeon Song; Yasuhito Murato and Paul Cizdziel | 14 min read

Leveraging Software Innovations for Automated Development and Optimization of Mammalian Cell Culture Bioprocesses


Bioprocess laboratories with multiple lab-scale bioreactors often execute cultivation experiments in parallel with varying process parameters for process development and optimization purposes. A challenge in bioprocess development is the integration and automation of all process equipment and analyt...

Written by: Pascal Vonlanthen, Sebastian von Rotz, Stefan Hauer, Lukas Neutsch | 12 min read

Automated on-line cell culture monitoring using Numera® and the Cedex® HiRes Analyzer


Every biopharmaceutical process aims for real-time monitoring and control of critical process parameters to minimize process variability and at the same time ensure predefined product quality. High-frequency automated sampling from different bioreactors and sample transfer to state-of-the-art analyt...

Written by: C Bortolussi; Dr. Ch. Ziemba; R. Linkesch; Prof. H. Zulewski; Dr. B. Schär | 3 min read

Securecell Presented Seraccess at ATTD Conference


A Feasibility Study Characterizing the Automated Glucose Measurement (AGM) Presented at the ATTD Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Conference, 27–30 April 2022, Barcelona (& online) Keywords: Automatic glucose monitor, AGM, Artificial Pancreas Device System, APDS Backgr...

Written by: Andreas Riklin | 2 min read

Numera® enables on-line mD-LC-MS peptide mapping to monitor multiple post-translational protein modifications


Real-time monitoring of antibody quality attributes for cell culture production processes in bioreactors via integration of an automated sampling technology with multi-dimensional liquid chromatography mass spectrometry A recently published article in the Journal of Chromatography A (Volume 1672...

Written by: Kay Eilers | 2 min read

Lucullus empowers over 100 bioreactors at Amyris


In 2021 Securecell engaged with Amyris, a biotechnology company headquartered in Emeryville, California and publicly traded under $AMRS on Nasdaq. Amyris uses its fermentation platform to engineer and develop sustainable ingredients; these are used by a number of leading commercial partners and are ...


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