Numera - Module Overview

Multiplexer Module

Module for connecting up to four bioreactors to a system. Provides a sterile barrier and a blow-back function for minimal sample loss. Can be configured either decentrally or centrally, and be connected in series (up to three modules).







Dilution Module

Module for sample dilution, e.g. for the expansion of smaller sample volumes or for the adaptation of the concentration to the measuring range of the analyzer. By addition of reagents, precipitation (e.g., protein precipitation for HPLC analysis), product extraction, or staining reaction can be performed.




Dilution: 1:1 to 1:30


Compact tape filtration module for the gentle filtration of cell-loaded samples. Allows a quick, reliable and almost loss-free filtration of the smallest sample volumes. The module detects filter clogging and is automatically cleaned.


~2,5 ml with up to 200 g/L CDW
Filter: 0,45 µm, 1,2 µm


Manually drawn samples can be processed by Numera and handed over to analyzers. The samples can therefore to be placed on the Autosampler, which at the same time is used as a Samples Collector for the processed samples.


Sample vessels: 1.5-10 ml

Sample Collector

Processed samples are collected and stored cooled on the Sample Collector. The Autosampler / Sample Collector is available in different sizes and with a wide range of options and with various vial racks. 


Sample vessels: 1.5-10 ml