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Written by: Pascal Vonlanthen | 1 min read

Webinar: Need for speed – How to accelerate bioprocess development with seamlessly integrated data & machine-learning tools


Implementing "Bioprocessing 4.0" requires the synergistic and seamless interaction of several best-in-class tools. The first step is the automation of your bioprocesses, integrating online sensors, controllers, at-line analytics, and metadata. In the next step, the generated process data is continuo...

Written by: Andreas Riklin | 4 min read

New Partnership with DataHow AG


Securecell AG and DataHow AG announce their partnership with the goal to accelerate bioprocess development through harmonized data integration, overarching process automation, and machine learning-based models. The coupling of Securecell’s process information management system Lucullus® with the Da...

Written by: Pascal Vonlanthen; Sebastian von Rotz; Stefan Hauer; Andreas Riklin; Lukas Neutsch | 11 min read

Lucullus® Media Kitchen - Digitally Tailored Media Preparation


Bioprocessing 4.0, the biopharmaceutical version of Industry 4.0, is defined as the digital transformation and automation of biopharmaceutical processes with the aim to drive manufacturing forward by increasing digitization and the interconnection of products, supply chains, and business models. Des...

Written by: Pascal Vonlanthen and Timo Keijzer | 7 min read

Celebrating eight years of Securecell AG and Getinge Applikon collaboration


Together, the two companies look back at eight years of joint success having provided bioprocess solutions to hundreds of customers worldwide. Securecell AG and Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (today Getinge AB) celebrate the eighth year of successful collaboration. Since the beginning of the jour...

Written by: D. Brunner; K. Tzikas; Dr. R. Rapold; Dr. med. vet. K. Klein; Dr. B. Schär | 3 min read

Seraccess® Milestone 7a


Continuous automated blood sampling based on an animal model Securecell AG/Vetsuisse-Fakultät ZH, MSRU/CABMM, May 2022 Keywords: Seraccess, automated blood sampling, animal model Background Automated blood glucose monitoring with Securecell’s SeraMaster prototype was tested in a clinical ...


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