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Innovation is our passion. For more than 30 years, we have been delivering innovative solution in bioprocess control for biotech, pharma and academia. Based on the visionary automation concepts of founder Carlo Andretta, Ph.D., Securecell transforms bioprocessing to enable fast and efficient biologic development. The continuous collaboration with leading academic and research institutions in this field boosts our innovation output.


It is our nature to innovate for the best benefit of all our current and potential future customers.


Carlo Andretta, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder


Our innovation projects


The Sephara technology eliminates some of the gaps in real-time process monitoring, brings analytics closer to the operation, and helps develop a rapid and deeper understanding of the bioprocess.
Sephara prevents the filter from clogging and fouling which makes it superior to most of the current filters on the market In-situ filtration eliminates the common risks of contamination of ex-situ filtration modules and further enables multi-use.


The Crunchy Sampler enables automated in-line sampling and further sample management through QR-coding of the Eppendorf tubes.Through QR-coding sample integrity and traceability is ensured by sample management by Lucullus®. Constant sample cooling is ensured through simple crunched ice and resulting ice water. Through the Opera module, the crunchy sampler can be multiplexed on up to four bioreactors.


The MetaMaster is revolutionizing the currently manual glucose measurements during the bioprocessing. In combination with the in-situ Sephara filter, the MetaMaster is pulling continuous, in-line samples out of the bioreactors. A new photometric measurement set-up together with the GlucoKit allowing for highly accurate and precise measurement. With the help of Lucullus®, the glucose concentration is automatically adjusted.


Opera modules are the interface between hardware and Software (Lucullus®). The highly integrated real-time control system is the communication gateway for Ethernet-, Modbus- and USB-devices. Additional it guarantees flow and gas control during the bioprocess.


Multi Functional Reactor (MFR) base is integrating heating, weighing, stirring, and a light source for algae cultivation.


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