Webinar: Key considerations for efficient bioprocess control to achieve QbD

Written by: Paul Kroll


Biopharmaceuticals can save lives if the product quality is guaranteed. The Quality by Design (QbD) concept ensures that such quality is built into the process and its products from the very start of process development. The combination of smart process design and robust control is key to develop and implement efficient manufacturing processes. Securecell’s bioprocess platforms help to improve the performance of bioprocesses by advanced monitoring and control to implement QbD. The webinar gives a basic introduction of QbD in bioprocess development and the implications on process control strategies that need the right setup and smart tools to support their implementation. Based on the introduced QbD basics, the webinar will dive into setup and process control strategy considerations that are commonly applied in industry. Famous shifts such as pH or temperature shifts are addressed as well as various feeding strategies that, without question, need overarching smart software on top of equipment to orchestrate various component to e.g. reach physiological control of crucial metabolites. It is presented how the process design (design vector) and execution of bioprocess control recipes can be facilitated by using a process information management system such as Lucullus PIMS to realize a robust execution of bioprocesses as designed.

Duration: 47 min



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