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We develop innovative solutions in bioprocess technology for Biotech and BioPharma development digitalization and automation. Securecell is developing Seraccess, an innovative technology for the fully automated, high-frequency automatic on-line collection, processing, and analysis of minute quantities of blood for the monitoring and control of critical blood parameters.


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Written by: Klea Lenja | 1 min read

Webinar: Automated and digitalized bioprocessing 4.0


Digitalization and data integration has become a hot topic in biopharmaceutical development labs. Lucullus®, a complete software solution for bioprocessing digitalization, covers the whole process workflow from design of experiments, data collection, sample analytics, setup and media preparation, au...

Written by: Sandro Waldmeier | 1 min read

A Bioprocess Success Story: Securecell Introducing IntegraOne


The Securecell biotech offerings Numera® and Lucullus® are proven process-changers for biopharma drug development. They optimize typical lab operations by automating workflows and harmonizing the layer above the individual devices. Implementing these innovations, Securecell has now achieved another ...

Written by: Michele Bomio | 1 min read

New partnership with 908 Devices


We are proud to announce our partnership with 908 Devices for data driven decisions and real-time extraction. Check the article on business wire! [Read more](https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210622005188/en/908-Devices-Announces-New-Data-Integrations-with-Key-Industry-Partners-to-Accelerate...

Written by: Kay Eilers | 1 min read

Webinar: Data integration and automation as key drivers for novel PAT applications –fusion of Yokogawa’s NIR technology and Lucullus®


A critical consideration in biopharmaceutical development labs is the overarching integration of bioreactors, novel sensor technologies and state-of-the artreference analyzers with the ultimate goal of smarter process control. In a real lab-environment in Tokyo, we demonstrated the effective use of ...

Written by: Sandro Waldmeier | 2 min read

Comparison of noninvasive, in-situ and external monitoring of microbial growth in fed-batch cultivations in Corynebacterium glutamicum


Automated bioprocess systems rely on accurate online measurements of cellular growth. In the present study, six sensors representing five different technologies, namely near-infrared absorbance, external non-invasive light scattering, back scattering reflectance, dielectric spectroscopy and exhaust ...