Webinar: Data integration and automation as key drivers for novel PAT applications –fusion of Yokogawa’s NIR technology and Lucullus®

Written by: Kay Eilers


A critical consideration in biopharmaceutical development labs is the overarching integration of bioreactors, novel sensor technologies and state-of-the artreference analyzers with the ultimate goal of smarter process control. In a lab-environment in Tokyo, we demonstrated the effective use of the Lucullus Process Information Management System (Lucullus®) for monitoring and seamless control of VCD, Glucose and Lactate in CHO bioprocesses in BR1000 reactor systems equipped with NIR-technology from Yokogawa. Data from samples are automatically imported to the line-reference analyzer data from samples (such as Roche Custom Biotech’s Cedex Bio) and are used for comparison and evaluation of NIR-based results. The shown experimental setup and data were generated in a collaboration between Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) and Securecell (Zurich, Switzerland).

Learn about:

  • Considerations for integrated bioprocess development environments
  • In-line measurement of CPPs with Yokogawa’s NIR-technology in BR1000
  • Overarching data integration and seamless control of bioprocesses with Lucullus®
  • Proof of technology synergies in real CHO experiments for mAb production (titer effect of GLC shift)

**Duration: ** 45 min

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