Webinar: Automated and digitalized bioprocessing 4.0

Geschrieben von: Klea Lenja


Digitalization and data integration has become a hot topic in biopharmaceutical development labs. Lucullus®, a complete software solution for bioprocessing digitalization, covers the whole process workflow from design of experiments, data collection, sample analytics, setup and media preparation, automated process execution and reporting. Numera®, an automated sampling system for on-line analytics, enables reliable real-time measurements from multiple bioreactors and downstream units through the integration of various analytical devices. Demonstration and training of Securecell’s bioprocess platform are provided in collaboration with the state-of-the-art Biofactory Competence Center (BCC) facility for all levels in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Learn about:

  • What are the digitalization challenges and PAT considerations in bioprocessing
  • How Lucullus solves the digitalization bottlenecks in diverse bioprocessing labs
  • How Numera performs automated sampling for CPPs, CQAs monitoring
  • The partnership of Securecell and BCC

Duration: 29 min

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