Webinar: Need for speed – How to accelerate bioprocess development with seamlessly integrated data & machine-learning tools

Written by: Pascal Vonlanthen


Implementing "Bioprocessing 4.0" requires the synergistic and seamless interaction of several best-in-class tools. The first step is the automation of your bioprocesses, integrating online sensors, controllers, at-line analytics, and metadata. In the next step, the generated process data is continuously transformed into new knowledge using adaptive models.

In this webinar, we present our approach, in which Securecell AG's Lucullus®, a process information management system, is combined with the DataHowLAB, an automated machine-learning-based modeling platform from DataHow AG. The combination will enable a structured collection of process information, making it accessible to all stakeholders and permitting continuous, real-time learning and automatic model generation. The presented solution can be used for process development and optimization with minimal experimental effort and will ultimately allow predictive monitoring and process control.

Learn about: • What can be achieved with digital solutions in bioprocessing • Why harmonized data are of paramount importance • How machine-learning supports process development

Duration: 40 min



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