Webinar: How to digitalize bioprocess development

Written by: Kay Eilers


Automation and digitalization are becoming increasingly important in the modern bioprocessing 4.0 environment. Driven by the PAT initiatives and the goal of a well‐understood and optimally controlled process, the digital transformation of bioprocesses is inevitable. Integrated, automated bioprocessing setups are key to move towards more efficient and generally faster bioprocess development, which will eventually lead to shorter time-to-market for new biopharma products.

The webinar starts with an introduction on the low levels of setup integration, namely lab equipment communication and interfaces. It then highlights the urgency of solving this communication task and directly derives benefits from solving this challenge. The second part of the webinar presents Lucullus® to act as a central integrator of typically disconnected data sources for highly relevant bioprocess data. The scope of equipment communication and real-time process control is expanded by considering general context data, media & raw material information and process chains.

Duration: 30 min



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