PAT Course: Digitalization and automation of cell cultures

Written by: Virginia Mello


BCC is a state-of-the-art facility in Fribourg (Switzerland) that offers theoretical and practical trainings to professionals in the biopharmaceutical industry from all over the world. On top, it uses its expertise (USP, DSP, regulated environments) and equipment to perform services in research collaborations.

Securecell officially partners with BCC to leverage the synergy of the complementary portfolios of services & expertise. The facility received a fully integrated PAT setup featuring bioreactors automatically sampled and analyzed via Numera® connected to a BioProfile® FLEX2 (Nova) and Vi-CELL™ (Beckman Coulter). This advanced setup is completed by Lucullus® enabling seamless data integration and process control interactions. Numera® and Lucullus® will become an integral part of BCCs laboratories and training courses and can be visited in this top-notch facility in the heart of Switzerland.

Securecell is happy to announce another exciting joint event of this partnership, a training course on “PAT: Digitalization and automation of cell cultures”. This 4-day training course introduces and develops the application of PAT tools to monitor and control cell culture processes. The principles of PAT and QbD will be defined, discussed, and put into practice. This involves understanding and using the abovementioned setup for on-line measurement techniques to realize continuous, real-time process characterization and eventually rapid and efficient control of critical process parameters (CPP).

The course is held by the experts Dr. Tanja Buch (BCC), Kay Eilers and Guilherme Fideles and will train participants to:

  • Define and implement PAT tools
  • Understand the need for monitoring CPPs
  • Use a range of on- and at-line quantitative analytical methods (IPC)
  • Use multivariate data analysis and DoE
  • Use Numera® for process sampling and automation
  • Use Lucullus® to monitor and control a process

Date 01.12.2020 – 04.12.2020

For further information and registration please visit BCC’s homepage.

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