Bioprocess information management with Lucullus PIMS for biochemical engineering at TU Wien

Written by: P. Kroll, P. Kager, C. Herwig


At Technische Universität Wien an innovative laboratory develops and optimizes a wide variety of bioprocesses; those operations require multiple bioreactors and equipment and produce an incredible amount of data. Securecell’s Lucullus PIMS facilitates the interaction between all devices, the process control, and the management of the generated data. This enables the researchers at TU Wien to execute process development projects quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. This application note gives an overview of how Lucullus PIMS facilitates the integration of reactors and devices and enables Process Analytical Technology (PAT)-tools at TU Wien; it gives a short description of step chains and implementing control strategies. Finally, it sums up the key benefits of a Lucullized Lab in the academical environment.

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